Meet the MacTV Producers

The producers who provide programming for MacTV are volunteers from all walks of life who enjoy creating noncommercial, community-based videos that enlighten and inform the residents of West Michigan. The producers decide the content of each show and make use of the equipment and studio provided by MacTV

If you would like to produce a show, give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

Producer Listing

Bob Andree
Community Church of Douglas
Peg Alofs Becker
Hometown Pickins'
Lee Bloomquist
Words of Peace
Vicki Bloomquist
Words of Peace
Jim Camenga
Zeeland Public School productions
Rick Crane
Calvary Reformed Church
Ashley Davis
Daystar Living Church
Ron Davis Jr.
Daystar Living Church
Al Diotalevi
Big Al Sings
Zach Dreyer
Sew Help Me

Disclaimer -

The views expressed on each program are of the individual producer and do not necessarily reflect those of MacMedia or MacTV